About Us


After more than 25 years in IT, with a career spanning roles in operations, programming, analysis, sales, quality management, and most recently project management (where I was a certified Project Management Professional through the international Project Management Institute), I gave up the comparatively cushy role of an employee to create my own business.

For nearly four years I have employed myself as a health and fitness professional, inspiring clients to take care of their bodies through my gentle stretch and toning exercise classes.

I have also certified as a Wealth Dynamics Practitioner and I’m working with a small team of XL Results Foundation members to offer training, related services and event management in New Zealand.

In 2009 I added a new role to my ‘portfolio’ – that of a B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) Business Ambassador.  Visit www.b1g1.com to find out more about the most impactful giving process in the world.

I enjoy helping people and with my Kiwi ‘can-do’ attitude I’m a dab hand at many things – project management, photography, posture correction, business analysis, gardening, tramping (bush-walking/backpacking in the mountains of NZ), application testing, home maintenance, proof-reading, pain relief, spreadsheets, and landscape design. I’ll put my hand up to have a go at most opportunities. But, through XL and Wealth Dynamics I’ve learnt that what we say “no” to is often more important than what we say “yes” to, and I’m practising putting this knowledge into practice!


With 29 years’ experience in IT I have a broad knowledge gained from working in the financial services industry in London (as a programmer, system administrator, and technical consultant) and more recently for Hewlett-Packard in New Zealand (as a software engineer, architect, project manager and software life-cycle specialist). I then spent a number of years in the Project Management Office of a New Zealand-wide insurance company supporting a large IT project. Currently I  am doing freelance work in Europe.

My LinkedIn profile can be viewed here.